Fehr Solutions was founded in 2003 as an independent, unbiased water treatment service and consulting firm. Fehr Solutions does not sell chemicals or equipment. Our philosophy is to develop objective performance metrics based on industry best practices, test to validate performance against these metrics and to let these data drive the water treatment program. Technical approaches range from low-priced commodity based chemicals, to in-situ chemical generation, to mechanical treatment methods.

Fehr Solutions service-based approach consistently delivers reduced water treatment costs and enhanced on-site service. Fehr Solutions focus on sustainability ensures systems are maintained to industry best practices while chemical, water and energy use are minimized.

Michael Fehr and Lynn Fehr have worked in the water treatment chemical industry since the late 1980ís. Lynn worked as an analytical chemist, product development, corporate quality assurance and ISO 9001. Michael worked in a variety of research and development, technical support and sales roles for cooling water, boiler water and waste-water treatment chemicals. This has included both designing new treatment chemical programs as well as developing monitoring tools to assess program performance. He has received the following patents related to water treatment chemicals (U.S. Patent No’s – 6,255,118; 6,329,165; 6369,894; 6,440,689 as well as having several patent applications in process). He received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Iowa State University in 1995.


  • Municipal Thermal Districts
  • Universities
  • Airports
  • Food and Grain Processors
  • Co-generation Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
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Fehr Solutions, LLC. Suite 193, 1770A South Randall Road, Geneva, IL 60134 | Phone: +1 630-992-0556 | Email: info@fehrsolutions.com